Saturday, June 11, 2011

Riding with Christine near Coin 6-11-11

This started out to be a fun ride, Christine was riding Taz and she had not been ridden a lot lately due to a bad injury. I was surprised when I down loaded the GPS we still had a 4+mph moving pace. God threw a lot of horse eating monster our way today we had the following: 3 times me met up with a big tractor that was picking up big round bales. It had a scary looking rug trap think hanging on the hay forks. All three times both Taz and Haily were very good. Then a very fast rowgrader came up on us, again they both took it like they live on a highway! Haily saw 2 different herds of cows she was not impressed not sure if she has seen cows before. And we cannot ride in the Midwest without a Deer jumping out it was a pretty good spook but we both stayed on! Then on the last leg back home a pickup truck with a very floppy tarp flew by another great response from our wonderful equines. I have to keep reminding myself Haily is only 5 she is AWESOME and gets better with every ride! I owe Kim for breeding/raising/training such a wonderful horse and Christine for introducing me to Kim more than I can ever repay them! I also need to thank Christine and Bev for putting up with my insecurities for so long. Riding Horse buddies ROCK!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Haily' Frist CTR Nelvern Lake KS 6-5-11

Haily's first CTR was awesome, I was not going to compete this year but she was doing so well in the conditioning rides I decided with Bev's help to give the Melven MOTDRA CTR a try. It was hot and the trails were pretty boggy and she did great. Passed the vet check with flying colors and got Third place :)