Monday, May 30, 2011

Haily's first trip around Honey Creek 5/31/11

Haily did an awesome job taking me around Honey Creek today. She was strong and willing she went up and down all the hills better than horses twice her age. My riding buddies have hard time believing she is just 5! The wind was blowing very hard today and she dealt with that very well too. I also introduced sponging to her and there were no issues with that either she seemed to enjoy it actually. I even squired water on her neck from my water bottle. Her 5 minute HR was 56 and she was 52 and dropping fast at 10 minutes.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

2nd Conditioning Ride / Crupper

Haily and I had a wonderful time camping at Waubonsie with Christine and Bling. We spent Saturday afternoon training Haily to a crupper. Of course with Christine knowledge and Haily's wonderful training she had no issues at all with it! We also did a lot of training 101 going around all the horse eating monsters in the camp. Then Bev showed up and we hit the trails and man did we hit them hard. The plan was to ride everything once and it would probably be getting dark. But we did them so fast we did about half a second time:) Haily's Heart Rate was 51 at 7 minutes and in the mid 40's and still going down at 10 minutes. She is going to make a great CTR/Endurance horse. Takes a special horse with great training to be able to do both well. We all those hills at an average of 4.8 mph!

Friday, May 13, 2011

This will be a documentation of the journey of Shannon and Haily doing Endurance and MOTDRA CTR together. Haily is starting out this journey as a 5 year old she is a 7/8 Arab Mare. I already have over 600 competitive miles under my belt.