Sunday, January 1, 2012

Short Ride at Waubonsie Alone

Had plans to ride with the Amigos but they both canceled so I decided to go up and ride at Waubonsie alone. Ridding alone is a big step for me in my confidence building, especially when I have not ridden Haily in over 6 weeks and it is windy and cool two things that can even make the best horse a little goofy. But not my awesome Haily she did great we went around the campground for a little then did the very short loop out of camp. There were some horses in the corral at the far end of the campground and that did not even make her goofy. The trails were a little greasier than I thought they would be but once you got in the timber they were nice and dry. so we then took off on the side trail and did my favorite loop. I was having issues with the saddle pad coming out the back and the wind was really picking up so I decided to call it a day.

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