Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My life with Haily has been a bit of a challenge since Mid-Summer of 2012. She started having sore back issues that continued to get worse no matter what I did. So we went back on the great saddle hurt. Tried about every saddle my friends had and even bought a few. Nothing was working she just kept getting worse even when I quit riding her. That was when I found as AWESOME vet clinic just North and East of Lincoln. One of the vets was an acupuncturist and an Equine Chiro. She started Haily on treatment to fix her pelvis that just refused to stay where it belonged. 3 trips and 3 months later we seem to be winning the battle. In the month of May I put 30 miles on her in a new EZ Fit Treeless Saddle. And her pelvis stayed in the vet told me to get her legged back up SLOWLY. Shooting for the Mid September Endurance ride in Admire KS. The beginning of June I took her to my Local Chiro in Maryville MO and her pelvis was still in did a quick 6 mile ride at Mozingo after the appointment. I put over 9 miles on her at Honey Creek on June 9th and NO sore back. I am going to continue to use the EZ Fit saddle for another month before I cut up my fancy sheepskin saddle cover to fit it.

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